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Why is my service center asking to detail my boat before they "put it up"?

Why is my service center asking to detail my boat before they "put it up"?
Why is my service center asking to detail my boat before they "put it up"?

Why Is my Service Center Asking if I want to Detail my Boat Before they “Put it Up” for the winter?

Because they’re actually looking out for your best interest!  On the surface it seems counter-intuitive. Why would I pay potentially hundreds of dollars to make my boat look nice when it’s just going to sit in storage somewhere?  The answer is that detailing your boat now will go a very long way to keeping your boat looking great for summers to come.  Here’s why…

Wax.  While the science behind it can be unbelievably complicated the point is simple.  Gelcoat (the outer coating that’s applied over the fiberglass structure of your boat) needs to be protected.  Wax isn’t really what makes your boat pretty and shiny, it’s what KEEPS it shiny by providing that protection.  During the winter months the gelcoat of your boat can be exposed to even more harsh conditions than it experiences during the summer. Keep in mind that typically when we put boats away, it usually isn’t really winter yet, and typically it’s gotten pretty warm and sunny outside in the spring before we even think about servicing our boats again.  During the down time, your boat will be exposed to everything from warm sun and harsh UV rays to extreme cold and precipitation of all types.  The wax will be heated and cooled and pummeled; leaving little to no protection for the gelcoat.  That’s bad.  Gelcoat will get chalky in a very short amount of time if exposed and unprotected. So yes… wax your boat before it’s put up for the winter.

Vinyl Protectant. The vinyl seats of your boat are of course made from a completely different material than the hull and gelcoat, but the principles are the same. There is a vinyl material covering your seats.  There is typically a very thin coating applied to the top of the vinyl that keeps it protected and looking nice.  Vinyl Protectants condition and protect that outer layer.  The vinyl of your boat will last much longer if you clean and protect it during the winter months for the same reasons as waxing the hull mentioned above.  Cleaning the interior thoroughly before putting the boat away for the winter will also help to ensure that nothing (like small bits of boat snacks, metal bottle tops, or sunblock bottles with printed labels, etc.…) is left in any crevasse or between the cushions that could breakdown or rust and permanently stain or damage the seats.

Mold & Mildew.  Mold or mildew that started growing the bilge or elsewhere in your boat this summer while it was exposed to sun, rain, dew, etc will find a very nice breeding ground this fall and next spring while the boat is closed up.  Neglecting to kill and clean away this mildew or mold could reward you with a not-so-very-nice surprise when you open up your pride and joy for boating next summer... a green or black accent to all of your interior cushions and even the cabin walls! 

Long and short it’s worth the time and/or money now to make sure your boat gets put into storage properly and is well protected. Even though you only get to enjoy your boat for a varying number of months per year, it still needs care year round to provide you with years of wonderful summers.

If you don’t know where to begin or want to find a vetted and competent company to handle this for you, check out the Nautical Workz list of detailing providers to get you pointed in the right direction. 

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